Kadhizi, The Genie City in a Ewer

Within a genie-trapping pitcher, a sandy demiplanar prison filled with scores of unfortunate souls who have become locked inside awaits you. Will your players find a way out before it implodes?

Long ago, colonialist bastard Calvin Kensington traveled the world trapping as many genies as he could inside his magical ewer. After a dire miscalculation inside the Tomb of Amunta II, Calvin got trapped inside his very own artifact. Now, any who come across the misfiring ewer also get sucked inside. This is Kadhizi, a city of undying genies, endless sands, and mortals who know they will never escape.

In many ways, Kadhizi is a paradise: with potent genie magic, the mortals inside never want for food, medicine, or entertainment. Those inside can enjoy a golden casino, rival art museums, and a thriving desert racing scene. Unfortunately, the ewer is suddenly starting to collapse. The demiplane can't exist forever, and it seems that a terrible fate will soon befall everyone inside.

Because of Kadhizi's “self-contained nature,” it's easy to drop into just about any campaign. Simply present your players with the trapped ewer, and then lock them inside. Perfect for one-shots or quick mini desert arcs.

While in Kadhizi, your players might try to:

  • Escape the fate of the collapsing ewer
  • Explore the recursive desert beyond to find a missing piece of legendary treasure
  • Expel the ghost of a wicked pharaoh
  • Complete astrological research in an attempt to better understand the mysterious ewer
Kadhizi poster


Kadhizi is a beautiful desert surrounding a life-giving reservoir. It consists of four maps that we've stitched together into the beautiful city you see to the left.

In the northwest (insomuch as "northwest" exists in the Ewer), you'll find the palace in which Calvin Kensington is imprisoned, a beautiful structure that holds the imperialist in complete stasis for all time.

East of that, you'll find a much more densely populated collection of homes. Even genies need miniature palaces to call their own. The star of the show, however, is the massive Elixirium, which uses raw genie magic to create powerful potions and salves.

Directly south of that, you will find a jovial agora where communal art studios stand amidst beautiful homes. A towering gold casino is a hub for bold travelers who know they have little left to lose. Rival art museums showcase pieces from wildly opposite aesthetic ideologies.

The southwest quadrant of the map features the church of Lampists, the colossal Observatory, and a hill dotted with fine homes. Visitors can stop by the communal boat house if they'd like to paddle to their intended destination.

Patrons at the General Messenger tier or higher also gain access to a variant of this map in which the ewer has already begun to collapse in on itself.

Kadhizi poster


Perfectly set the scene for any desert adventure with our track “Centuries of Sand.“ This Middle-Eastern romp evokes Arabian adventures, towering minarets, and magic carpet rides. Exciting rhythms and bold harmonies give you the sense that not all is well under the desert sun.

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