Meet the team

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James Nathaniel

is the cartographer for Borough Bound. Before working on Borough Bound, he illustrated (and sometimes wrote) the official Warhammer webcomic Roll Models.

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crafts the written city lore and records the music. He also makes tabletop tunes under the name Music d20 and scores indie video games.

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Fantasy Atlas

tackles the interiors for our maps. He also has his own RPG map Patreon called (you guessed it!) Fantasy Atlas.

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is the layout designer, before joining the team he was the creator behind Tavern of Trinkets.

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handles our Foundry VTT conversions as well as our social media. He also runs The Token Vault.

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edits some of the city guides and provides sensitivity reading. They also moderate the Discord communities for Czepeku and Borough Bound.

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Amber's Atlas

Amber spins the original maps into multiple diverse variants. The only member of their family not to study geography, they now make maps for a living over on Patreon.